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Below is a selection of our publications, including conference posters and orals, final reports, and journal articles organized by year and program.

Pellegrin J. Rehmus R. DERMES: Dermatology Equity through Remote Management, Education, and Study. Oral presentation accepted at: CHES Celebration of Scholarship Conference: 2021 Oct 6; Virtual Conference, Canada.
Gupta R. Improving Healthcare Provider Communication, Virtually. On-demand presentation accepted at: BC Patient Safety Quality Council Quality Forum: 2021 Feb 25-26; Virtual Conference, Canada.
Lightbody J. Understanding gender-based needs in rural physician mentoring programs. Oral presentation accepted at: The Canadian Conference on Medical Education: 2020: 2020 Apr 18-21; Vancouver, BC.
Boicu B, Frenkel O, Leung D. BCPoCUS.ca: A Clinically-oriented Ultrasound Education Website Interface. Poster presentation accepted at: Centre for Health Education Scholarship Celebration of Scholarship Conference: 2019 Oct 2; Vancouver, BC.

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