Practice Ready Assessment - British Columbia (PRA-BC)

PRA-BC Assessors

We coordinate and deliver a two-day Assessor Training Workshop to orient and support physicians who serve as assessors of PRA-BC candidates in the 12-week Clinical Field Assessment (CFA).

During these two days, we provide information, resources and support necessary to make the CFA period less stressful and more rewarding. As of Fall 2020, we are delivering this workshop virtually until further notice.


October 1 - 2, 2021 (Fri-Sat)


Our two-day workshop covers:

  • Expectations of PRA-BC assessors and candidates
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Use of standardized practice-assessment tools (Field Note, Mini-CEX, etc.)
  • Delivering feedback
  • Challenging conversations
  • Modeling patient-centred care
  • And much more...
Agenda & Slides

The Fall 2021 agenda will be available in due course.

This document provides you with event-timing, a high-level overview of the topics to be addressed, and the names of the presenting faculty.

The slides from the Assessor Training Workshop will be available on our eLearning website. Please note the password will be emailed to you in the weeks before the event.

Pre-Workshop Documents
Pre-Workshop Checklist for Assessors Pre-Workshop Checklist: Fall 2021
Assessment Basics

Introduction to Supervision of PRA-BC Candidates During the CFA

Glossary of Terms

Sentinel Habits

Evaluation Objectives (external link)

How to Give Effective Feedback

Modified One Minute Preceptor

Connecting Sentinel Habits with CFPC & CanMeds Objectives

Online Training (Optional)

PRA-BC Online Assessor Training Course

Note that you are required to register with PRA-BC in order to access this learning portal. Kindly contact Ladan Takar at @email for more information.

Additional Resources List of Acronyms
Forms & Samples

Please note that these forms are provided for the purpose of reference only. For official copies of tools and resources to be used during the CFA period, please contact the PRA-BC office directly.

Clinical Field Assessment Tools

Clinical Field Assessment Site Orientation Checklist

Field Note Chart Review Reporting Form

Chart-Stimulated Recall Report

Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise (Mini-CEX)

Multisource Feedback Form - MD-Colleague Version

Multisource Feedback Form - Co-worker Version

Multisource Feedback Form - Patient Version

Interim Clinical Field Assessment Report (CFAR)

Procedure Skills CFA Forms Info Letter

Interim Procedure Skills Assessment Form

Summary of Procedural Skills Assessed

Final Procedure Skills Assessment Form

Final Clinical Field Assessment Report (CFAR)

OPTIONAL: Assessment of Spoken and Written Language Skills

Introduction to Telemedicine Assessment Form Letter

Telemedicine Assessment Form

Telemedicine Assessment Form Reference Guide

CFA Reporting Schedule: Fall 2021

Note: The PRA-BC Clinical Field Assessment is NOT conducted by, nor affiliated with, the faculty development program as provided, under contract, by UBC CPD; this component of the program is entirely under the purview of the PRA-BC Steering Committee.

Clinical Field Assessment Tips and Samples

Tips: Field Note

Tips: Mini-CEX

Tips: Chart Review

Tips: Chart-Stimulated Recall

Tips: Multisource Feedback (MSF)

Tips: Clinical Field Assessment Report (CFAR)

We would like to acknowledge the Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment (SIPPA) program for their contributions to the development of materials and resources to support PRA-BC candidates and assessors.

Resources: AFMC Faculty Development for Teachers of IMGs

Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) developed an online program providing educational materials to help prepare teachers to work effectively and collaboratively with IMGs and enhance the learning and practice experience of IMGs. To view A Faculty Development Program for Teachers of IMGs, click here. Six modules cover topics important for teachers of IMGs, including:

  • Educating for Cultural Awareness
  • Orienting Teachers and IMGs
  • Working with IMGs: Assessing Learner Needs and Designing Individually Tailored Programs
  • Working with IMGs: Delivering Effective Feedback
  • Working with IMGs: Promoting Patient-Centred Care and Effective Communication with Patients
  • Working with IMGs: Untangling the Web of Clinical Skills Assessment


Prospective Assessors

Are you interested in becoming a clinical field assessor or assessment site for PRA-BC candidates? Please visit Questions can be directed to@email.